• loveed


    It is a beauty salon with many antique window frames. When you look into the window frame of the antique variety, it is possible to see a space that is finished with a variety of interior such as reception,cut space,kids space,shampoo booth,spa booth. Space such as gathered a number of small room.
  • cafe lanai


    This cafe is the theme of Hawaii. The space was used as a greenhouse, and in the space such as the garden terrace Taking advantage of the atmosphere of the original. I have created a space Hawaiian not only here by lighting fixtures and antique furniture mixed with tropical planting.
  • stella


    Beauty salon in the Shinsaibashi. Even while using the material which each brass concrete, brick, iron, old materials, corroded, such as flooring has a unique texture, I finished in a soft atmosphere of this space.
  • DELIGHT rokkomichi


    Barber shop on the subject of photo gallery. Wall of concrete and also partition to moderate-store, this wall has a role, such as the exhibition wall of the gallery. Here is a space for the audience and the stylist and photo on display.
  • acqua piano


    This is a project of the Italian restaurant reservation only a converted old traditional Japanese house with 100-year-old or more ago, the ceiling height near 7m. Box of kitchen surrounded by aluminum plate which is matted. Partition wall of glass that put a special smoke film. I hung the ceiling of stainless steel mirror finish on top of the counter seats. These elements of the interior newly created, light of the courtyard was brought to this dim space. It is not than to contrast this old space materials and modern materials. Attempt to piece together while following the characteristics of this old traditional Japanese house's space have them called "In Praise of Shadows by Junichiro Tanizaki".
  • lizm hair&spa


    Renovation of the old beauty salon. By making the cut space as a semi-private room , significantly reducing the number of seats from the number of seats up to now, we were asked to create a space that you can relax to customers in person. By creating a private room that utilizes the texture of various materials and bricks iron plate, old materials, Galvalume, such as concrete, I was thinking about making a space rich variation.